ELEN E4511: Power Systems Analysis

Professor Javad Lavaei, UC Berkeley, Teaching at Columbia University in Spring 2015

Instructor: Javad Lavaei
Time: Mondays, 10:10 am-12:40 pm
Location: 535 Seeley W. Mudd Building
Office Hours: Mondays, 3-5 pm
TA: Morteza Ashraphijuo (ma3429@columbia.edu)
Grader: Ramtin Madani (rm3122@columbia.edu)
Grading Policy:

  • 10% active participation

  • 30% homework

  • 60% course project


One of the grand challenges of this century is the modernization of electrical power networks. This course provides a fundamental understanding of not only the conventional power grid but also the electric grid of the future (known as Smart Grid).

  • The topics covered in this course include:

  • Modeling of power systems (transmission lines, transformers, relevant power electronic devices, generators, etc.)

  • Architecture of power networks

  • Operation of power systems (study of both steady state and transient behavior)

  • Control of power networks

  • Optimization for power networks

  • Electricity market

  • Smart Grid

Main textbook:

  • Power Systems Analysis” by Arthur R. Bergen and Vijay Vittal (second edition)

Other references (optional):

  • Fundamentals of Power System Economics” by Daniel S. Kirschen and Goran Strbac

  • Applied Optimization: Formulation and Algorithms for Engineering Systems” by Ross Baldick

  • Convex Optimization” by Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe

Lecture Notes