PhD Students

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Haixiang Zhang (PhD student in the Department of Mathematics)

BS: Peking University, double major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Research interests: Nonconvex optimization; online optimization; numerical analysis



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Baturalp Yalcin

BS: Bogazici University, Industrial Engineering

Research interests: Optimization; learning theory; algorithm design and analysis


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Donghao Ying

BS: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Research interests: Optimization; learning theory; algorithmic game theory



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Eli Brock (PhD student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences; co-advised with Prof. Sojoudi)

BS: University of Pittsburgh, Electrical Engineering

Research interests: Optimization; control theory; power systems


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Jihun Kim

BS: Seoul National University, Industrial Engineering and Statistics

Research interests: Optimization; learning-based Control



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Lucas Hyunin Lee (PhD student in Mechanical Engineering; co-advised with Prof. Sojoudi)

BS: Seoul National University, Mechanical Engineering

Research interests: Optimization; machine learning; networks


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Ying Chen

BS: Tsinghua University, Mathematics and Physics

Research interests: Optimization; machine learning



  1. Salar Fattahi (PhD 2020, co-advised with Somayeh Sojoudi): Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

  2. Ming Jin (Postdoc 2018-2020): Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

  3. Richard Zhang (Postdoc 2016-2019): Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  4. Cedric Josz (Postdoc 2017-2019, co-mentored with Somayeh Sojoudi): Assistant Professor, Columbia University

  5. Yu Zhang (Postdoc 2016-2017): Assistant Professor, University of California–Santa Cruz

  6. SangWoo Park (PhD 2022): Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  7. Igor Molybog (PhD 2022): Assistant Professor (to start in Fall 2023), University of Hawaii at Manoa

  8. Ramtin Madani (PhD 2015, Columbia University): Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

  9. Abdulrahman Kalbat (PhD 2015, Columbia University): Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University

  10. Yuhao Ding (PhD 2023)

  11. Han Feng (PhD 2022): Applied Research Scientist at Flexport

  12. Yingjie Bi (Postdoc 2020-2022): Software Engineer at Google

  13. Julie Mulvaney-Kemp (PhD 2022): Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  14. Reza Mohammadi (Postdoc 2017-2019): Senior Research Scientist at BioSensics

  15. Ali Yekkehkhany (Postdoc 2020-2021): Senior Analyst at Citibank

  16. Hamid Mahboobi (Postdoc 2017-2018): Research Associate at Concordia University

  17. Yi Ouyang (Postdoc 2017-2018, co-mentored with Pravin Varaiya): Researcher at Preferred Networks

  18. Morteza Ashraphijuo (MS 2016, UC Berkeley): Data Scientist II at Uber

  19. Ghazal Fazelnia (MS 2015, Columbia University): Research Scientist at Spotify